Leica Monochrom - or the invention of a pocket-size field camera
for extraordinary photographs


For each of my projects I spent many hours or even several days. After some experimentation phase with different camera types and systems I came to the conclusion that the Leica Monochrom fits for me best and that it has much to offer in architectural photography.
Beside the famous Leica lenses high optical quality one of the big advantages of the Leica M system is it’s handy format for me.



The Leica Elmar-M 24 mm f/3.8 is my lens of choice for architectural photography. This lens has an extraordinary sharpness and an astonishing depth of field with almost no distortion. I think working with a 24 mm lens creates a very natural perspective that serves in architectural photography very well.


unsurpassed Picture quality

Architectural photography is typically created from different angles and views of a building. What's really compelling about the Leica Monochrom is the clarity and quality of its raw pictures itself. The Monochrom renders shadows and light in a spectacular way and gives each photograph its own unique visual quality.